1. Home made Kerala vegetarian cuisine
  2. Sight seeing trips
  3. Ayurvedic rejuvenating oil baths
  4. Yoga classes
  5. Good library and old manuscripts
  6. Watch traditional art forms and ceremonies in their true settings
  7. Internet connection
  8. International telephone dialing
  9. Doctor on call
    1. a) Full medical and dental check up can be arranged on request
    2. b) Specialized ayurvedic treatment can be arranged
  10. Folk and classical art form performances can be arranged on request
  11. A tour through our village
  12. Tour through our rubber plantations and spice gardens
  13. Visit top our sarpakavu (snake sanctuary)spread over 2 acres.
  14. Check in/check out 24 hours
  15. Experience a unique 30 minute train journey and get a feel of the local culture and people
  16. Shopping/travel arrangements/parcel sending can be arranged