Guest Comments

  • Only stayed one night, wish it could have been longer-total relaxing, hygiene and welcoming hosts. Superb.
    Roger & Jackie Tily ,UK 15/03/20102

  • Thank you for a spectacular stay at your beautiful home.You welcomed us with such warmth and generosity, we felt comfortable and very well fed.To see how you are cultivating your land and resources was very moving and impressive. We learned so much about India and kerala in a very deep way. To be welcomed by all the members of your family was a matchless experience. This unique experience is one I will never forget.
    Naomi Schechtern, Canada 08/05/2012

  • We had a wonderful time at maranat mana.The wonderful time you spend for us is valued.This place is beautiful. The whole family is so warm and made us feel like we are your personal guests.
    Suraj & Vidya , Chennai 02/06/2012

  • We really enjoyed staying in this beautiful house.It was very interesting to learn about the history of it and to learn about your way of life.We will remember this stay for a lot of warmth and pleasure.Thank you very much.
    Tom & Tere Dumaz ,Belgium, 04/08/2012

  • Thanks for the great hospitality and showing us your beautiful mana.We will surely send our friends here and write about your property in the next edition of the guide book-“kerala-The perl of south india”
    Eva and Mavianne, Sweden, 04/10/2012

  • Our stay at Maranat mana will be our top highlights of all our travel. One forgets Easily that you are a “guest”, you are made to feel so much at home.Absolutly the best host you can get in Praveen, Vidya and their parents. Cultural immersion in local custom and traditions is so amazing and eye opening. Thank you so much for your hospitality.
    Rajiv Kuchhal, Bangalore, 21/10/2012.

  • This place is very nice and you get an intense exposure of the traditional culture of kerala. A great chance to come in contact with people from a different background and culture.The facilities are all very good and of high standard.The food was very nice.It really gives the taste of the traditional food of kerala.Thanks a lot for all the effort.
    Sara Lili, Italy, 21’11’2012

  • It has been a wonderful couple of days here.The food is excellent, visits locally and to their school was very special and I have some fantastic memories of this trip. Praveen explained the customs which I found interesting and added a lot to the experience. Would definitely recommend.
    Kate Cooper ,UK, 05/12/12

  • Just to be here, to be briefly immersed in a different culture, to be welcomed into It, to learn and to share, all the while looked after so well and so attentively – What a wonderful experience! Thank you!
    Carol & Laurie Fentinen, England, 12/12/2012

  • This place so authentic and raw- the traditional culture stares one at his face. Loved the food, conversations and company. I am fascinated about how tourism Can take place and support sustaining traditions and help in spreading knowledge. Thank you for having us.
    Zainab Kakal & Anne, Germany, 13/12/2103